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Cyber Privacy Services

Cyber PrivacyPerhaps you just purchased a new home or a car.  Maybe you’re getting married or expecting a baby. You subscribed to a magazine.  Or maybe you just ordered something from Amazon.  What do all of these activities have in common?  There’s a good chance that your personal information may have fallen into the hands of a data broker.

While data brokers often remain invisible to consumers, they have the potential to significantly impact our lives.  It can be challenging, if not impossible, for consumers to escape the collection of personal data by data brokers.  Unfortunately, there are very few laws to protect consumers from data brokers or the collection of their information.

Cyber Privacy is becoming more of an issue due to the explosive growth of online personal data collection and the reselling of that information from one company to the next. Information such as private addresses, unlisted phone numbers, utilities information, email addresses, social media accounts, family members, personal photos, employment information, salary, date of birth, vehicle registration, property records, voter information, IP addresses, income, debt, loans, social security numbers, driver’s license and driving records, and online and in store purchases and buying habits.

Such information is far easier to obtain than most people realize and can lead to cyber stalking, invasion of privacy, identity theft, loss of employment, damaged reputations, personal threats to individuals and family members, and even extortion both at a personal and corporate level.

Law Enforcement, Judges, Attorney’s, and Police Officers: Criminals often go after the people who arrested them or convicted them in court. They often target family members and attempt to incite others to commit physical retaliation and property damage against their targets.

Corporate Executives: Hackers often attempt to locate and use personal information of company executives in an effort to attempt to guess passwords or impersonate executives to obtain unauthorized access to company systems. Disgruntled employees or customers may locate and use personal information in order to threaten or extort a company executive.

Cyber Stalkers: Cyberstalking may be a result of an upset ex-spouse, former friend, or even a contentious online disagreement. More and more frequently, online disagreements on social media result in one party “doxing’ or obtaining the name, address, phone, and other personal details about someone and then using that information to harass their targets including making false police or CPS reports, signing their target up for unwanted services, attempting to get their target fired, contacting and harassing their targets friends and family members, or even showing up at their target’s home.

The real world implications can be severe.

  • In one case, the executives of a company were targeted because someone had a dispute with an employee. The executive’s private home addresses, phone #’s, birth dates, family member’s information and other private information was posted. Pictures of their children were posted with threats to direct pedophiles to their location and schools. One of the executives even became a victim of identity theft when their SSN was used to illegally purchase goods and further used in an attempt to hack the company’s computer systems.
  • In another case, false police reports were made against someone causing the police to show up at their home with the belief they had committed a crime. Ads were also taken out on Craigslist and other forums directing men to a woman’s home stating she enjoyed rough sex and to not knock but to force their way into the home as part of her “rape fantasy” potentially putting her at risk of serious physical harm.
  • In another case, a police officer’s home address was posted along with false complaints of racism and targeted arrests in an attempt to incite others to threaten the officer’s family and vandalize his home and property.
  • And yet in another case, a celebrity’s SSN, driver’s license number and intimate photos were posted on a website by their cyber stalker.

Allegiant’s Specialized Cyber Privacy Investigators help our clients prevent being a cyber stalking target in the first place, and can help existing cyber stalking targets protect themselves. Allegiant Investigations leverages the knowledge and skills of specialized licensed private investigators who have years of experience helping stalking victims remain hidden. What we’re able to deliver goes far beyond just typical redaction or information suppression services offered by competitors and here’s why.

  1. As a licensed private investigation firm, we have access to databases other cyber privacy services do not. This enables us to redact your information from databases our competitors aren’t even aware of and to verify information suppression at the source.
  2. Our principles have extensive backgrounds in specialized online investigations, cyber privacy, cyber forensics, computer sciences, and experience locating missing persons. Because we’re experts at locating people, we’re also experts at helping people keep their information private so they can’t be located and harassed.
  3. We don’t just redact or suppress your private information on all the databases other service provider’s cover, we eliminate the problem at the source to prevent it from recurring. As such, our fees for ongoing monitoring services are lower than our competitors because we focus on cutting off information propagation at the source, giving our clients greater peace of mind.
  4. We redact and suppress from a wider number of databases than our competitors, including information brokers who may refuse to remove information when requested by other cyber privacy service providers.
  5. We provide in person seminars to our larger clients such as police departments and corporate clients to educate employees on cyber stalking prevention and cyber privacy practices.
  6. We provide our clients with detailed instructions on how to protect their private information going forward. Such knowledge is critical to preventing information from reappearing or being used by identity thieves.
  7. We provide in person service to any gold level clients local to DFW. We are also available to meet in person with larger clients such as police departments and corporations or city/state/local governments considering a contract to cover multiple employees.

Allegiant Investigations services are tailored to individual specific needs. We cover high profile individuals and celebrities as well as ordinary private citizens. Examples include City, State, and County officials, corporate executives, police officers and law enforcement, national and regional sports team members and staff, school officials, celebrities, and victims of stalking and other crimes. Or anyone who simply wants the peace of mind of knowing their private information is truly private and locked down.

Below is our fee schedule for Cyber Privacy Services. Redaction is a largely manual effort and requires specialized access to systems which our company pays for so that you don’t have to. The fee schedules below reflect fees for individual services. Corporations or City/State/Local government entities, and police departments are encouraged to contact for a custom quote since we provide discounting based on the number of covered employees.

Cyber Privacy Services Fee Schedule

Silver Level Privacy Gold Level Privacy Platinum Level Privacy
Initial Fee $2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Optional Ongoing Monitoring $1,500/year $3,500/year $7,500/year
Number of databases 70+ 90+ 90+
Removal from key industry data aggregators such as LexisNexis, TLO, ThomsonReuters, etc. X X
Status updates quarterly monthly monthly
Removal of info from challenging sites requiring individual mailed and/or faxed requests X X X
Assistance with redaction of property records, voter registration, vehicle registration, credit header personal information, etc. X X
  • Silver level privacy includes redaction from databases that are available for fee to anyone
  • Gold level privacy includes redaction from key source systems such as LexisNexis consumer files, TLO, etc.
  • Platinum level privacy includes the individual plus spouse and children



The level of redaction Allegiant can perform will depend on a number of factors such as:

  1. Your willingness to follow our recommendations and instructions will determine the extent to which we can redact your information from online systems.
  2. Your willingness to provide us with the information we need to provide our services to you.
  3. Understanding that certain court records such as bankruptcies and certain convictions cannot be redacted.
  4. Note: If you have ever been convicted of a felony we will be unable to provide you with our services.