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Insurance Defense – Civil Investigations – Surveillance


Insurance Defense and Civil InvestigationsAllegiant Investigations works with both insurance companies and law firms, on civil and insurance defense investigations, providing computer forensics, surveillance, and other services.



Surveillance – Surveillance can be a valuable tool for uncovering insurance fraud, mitigating claims, disputing a disability claim, revealing workplace misconduct, and uncovering facts for a personal injury case. Our skilled use of surveillance can document the activities of an individual and help you gain an edge when you need it most.

Insurance Defense Investigations – Allegiant specializes in insurance defense to include worker’s compensation, personal injury, disability claims, and other types of insurance. Our licensed professional private investigators understand the needs of insurance defense professionals. If you are an insurer, insurance defense attorney, self-insured corporation, third party administrator, risk manager or other insurance defense professional, contact us today and experience the difference that Allegiant Investigations can make on your open claims!

Our insurance defense investigations cover a wide variety of claims including:

  • Bodily injury
  • Boating accidents
  • Personal injury claims
  • Auto accidents
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Maritime accident claims


Family Law Investigations – Surveillance and Investigations provide key information that can prove invaluable. When preparing for mediation or child custody hearings, utilizing licensed professional investigators can provide the attorney with pertinent information on their case such as neglect, child abuse, drug and alcohol related problems, established routines and who is spending time with the children. Allegiant Investigations can also assist in documenting cohabitation and employment for cases where spousal support or maintenance are in question.


Asset Checks – Asset Checks determine a subject’s financial status, which can help you decide whether or not litigation on another party would be worthwhile.


Witness Interviews – Witness interviews help you uncover information from potential witnesses that is critical for litigation and to support the facts for your case.


Background Investigations – Comprehensive Background Investigations assist the attorney in learning more about the subjects, witnesses and subject matter experts on their case.


Witness and Beneficiary Locates – Our professional private investigators locate individuals who are needed for legal proceedings or to resolve estate matters.
Social Media, Cyber Stalking, Computer Forensics Investigations


Social Media Investigations – Social media posts, photos, conversations and status updates can provide valuable information about activities and subject matter in a case.


Anti Stalking Investigations – Do you believe you’re being physically stalked, cyber stalked, or harassed? Maybe you feel as if your reasonable expectation of privacy has been violated, or someone is trespassing onto your private property? Do you suspect a GPS tracking device has been placed on your vehicle without your knowledge or consent? Perhaps you have placed a restraining / protection order on someone, only to find that the restraining / protection order is not preventing the individual from violating it? Stalking and harassment is a growing problem. Allegiant Investigations provides consultations services and can incorporate surveillance, background investigations, locating of hidden GPS tracking devices, interviews and other services, providing you with the evidence you need to end this unwanted behavior.


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