Ban The Box Employment Screening Legislation Update

Businesses Prepare To “Ban The Box” According to Gray Plant Mooty attorney Carl Crosby Lehmann, the new law will have little effect on businesses. by Kevin Mahoney, December 19, 2013 With the new year just around the corner, Minnesota’s expansion of the “Ban the Box” law is on the mind of many private employers. But at least one legal professional contends that the impact of the new law on local companies will be minimal. Since 2009, state law has banned public [...]

Ban The Box Employment Screening Legislation Update2016-10-23T11:05:12-05:00

Background Screening Helps Protect Children

The Case for Background Screening Background screening has become an established part of the hiring process for many youth-serving organizations, but some still wonder whether they are worth the trouble. They can be expensive and time-intensive. Most importantly, not every state offers equal access to fingerprinting and criminal history information. After considering these complications, some youth-serving organization leaders may wonder – are background screenings really worth the effort? Background screening in action One of the loudest arguments against background checks [...]

Background Screening Helps Protect Children2016-10-23T11:05:12-05:00