Winning a divorce or child custody case is largely about discovering and obtaining facts in a form that is compelling to the court and ADMISSIBLE in court. It is not enough to state innuendo, or “everyone knows this” or otherwise use conjecture to establish a fact. Facts are established by witnesses and documents. Private Investigators are great at becoming key witnesses in a case to prove facts that are otherwise difficult to prove.

Attorneys often use private investigators as part of a strategy to win cases that otherwise may have been up in the air as to their results or would have been extremely challenging to win. The primary problem in such cases is not that what is going on is unknown, but that there aren’t any credible witnesses or documents to prove the case. Private investigators can be invaluable at not just tracking down infidelity, but also in child custody and visitation cases, finding hidden assets, and in child support cases when it becomes necessary to track someone who is lying about their employment and income.

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