Who Should Conduct Your Workplace Investigation and Why Does it Matter?

by Janette S Levey from The Emplawyerologist Last week at The Emplawyerologist we looked at when and why an employer might need or want to conduct a workplace investigation. This week, we will look at whoshould conduct the investigation. We already know that employers in situations described last week  (click here for review) are among those who should or must begin an investigation. This focus is on which person or entity on behalf of the employer should conduct the investigation?  Can/should it be HR? In-house counsel? Maybe outside counsel [...]

How To Effectively Use a Private Investigator

10 Ways an Attorney Can Effectively Use a Private Investigator by BRIAN WILLINGHAM An attorney may think that they do not have any need for an experienced private investigator because of the variety of skills and resources that they employ. But have you ever found yourself staring at a computer screen and asking, “I know the answer is out there…Where do we go from here?” Although law school and career experience provide an attorney with a number of useful research [...]