Hacking and Penetration Testing course being taught by Chuck Easttom

Chuck Easttom, Allegiant Investigation's lead cyber forensics investigator, will be teaching a Hacking and Penetration Testing course June 19-29, 2017, at Collin College Courtyard Campus. For more information, go to https://vssb.collin.edu/PROD/bwckschd.p_disp_detail_sched?term_in=201774&crn_in=77246.

Cryptography course being taught by Chuck Easttom

Chuck Easttom, Allegiant Investigation's lead cyber forensics investigator, will be teaching a Cryptography course, June 6-10, 2017, in Holland. For more information, go to https://www.tstc.nl/.  

Digital Forensics / Cyber Forensics, eDiscovery, Forensic Data Recovery, Expert Witness

Expert in Computer Forensics / Cyber Forensics, eDiscovery, Forensic Data Recovery, Expert Witness Testimony; Mr. Chuck Easttom Our Computer Forensics, Forensic File Recovery, Network Security and Penetration Testing services are directed by one of the most highly qualified Digital Forensics and Computer Science experts in Texas. Mr. Easttom is an expert in Forensic Science, Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, System Forensics, Network Forensics, Forensic File Recovery, eDiscovery, and related topics. He has extensive experience in training law enforcement and forensics professionals, as well as [...]

How to determine if a Cyber Stalking threat is serious

How do you determine whether to take a threat seriously? The key is to look for four factors: Credibility. This is rather easy to determine. For a threat to be credible, there must be some reasonable expectation that it could be carried out. For example, suppose a woman in Nebraska is on an Internet discussion board and receives a general threat from another user living in Bangkok in the course of a heated debate. In this scenario, the sender very [...]

Real Cyber Stalking Cases

The following real-world cases illustrate the problem of cyber stalking. Examining the facts in these cases might help you to get an idea of what legally constitutes cyber stalking: Case 1: An honors graduate from the University of San Diego terrorized five female university students over the Internet for more than a year. The victims received hundreds of violent and threatening e-mails, sometimes four or five a day. The graduate student, who has entered a guilty plea and faces up [...]

Do you need to be a PI to do Forensics?

Do you need a private investigators license to practice forensics in Texas? Well in many cases yes.  If, for example, you are directly securing evidence and analyzing said evidence, then yes you do.  However there are exceptions. Frequently I am asked to render an expert opinion in court cases regarding forensic procedures.  According to the Texas Department of Public Safety a scientific review and even serving as an expert witness does not require a private investigator license “Section 1702.130 of [...]

To Certify or Not To Certify….that is the question

The debate rages on year after year. Are certifications worth it? Pick any certification you like and type into Google “Is XXX certification worth it”. Half the answers you find will tell you that this particular certification is the Holy Grail of learning and the other half will tell you it is a waste of your time. My position is that both extremes are wrong. Let’s address each. First, the ‘certifications are worthless’ argument. This usually stems from someone who [...]

Simple security measures that work very well

Concerns over ransomeware locking you out of sensitive files and a host of malware infecting your critical systems seem to have everyone scrambling for effective answers. I think many are missing some very simple steps that can be quite effective. I work from a home office, where I have several systems (for testing, various projects, etc.).  The solution I use there is obviously on a much smaller scale than most office networks, but can provide some suggestions.  Here are some [...]

What makes a cyber security professional?

One problem we have today, with the attention to cyber security, is that everyone wants to get into the game. And frankly there are all too many 'security professionals' and even 'security companies' that simply don't have sufficient skills.  So what makes a good security professional? Here is what I consider the most basic skillset: First and foremost you need a solid understanding of computers.  Yes a CS/CIS/BIS degree would be good, but without that, a basic skillset equivalent to [...]

Cyber Stalking

While cyber stalking and harassment are relatively new, real-world stalking has received a growing amount of attention in the past few years. The primary reason for this is that stalking has often been a prelude to violent acts, including sexual assault and homicide. Most states have long since passed a variety of anti-stalking laws; this movement has recently been expanded into cyberspace. This, of course, leads to the question, what exactly is cyber stalking or harassment? Cyberstalking or harassment is [...]