Locate Your Child / Child Custody

HOW TO LOCATE YOUR CHILD Most Texas court orders involving children require both parents to keep each other and the court informed about their current residence and place of employment.  A court order that outlines visitation will be helpful in trying to locate your child. Obtain a copy of the court order from the district court clerk in the county where a decree was issued or paternity was established. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) provides locate-only services to [...]

Why Use a Private Investigator in Divorce, Infidelity, Child Custody and Child Support cases.

Winning a divorce or child custody case is largely about discovering and obtaining facts in a form that is compelling to the court and ADMISSIBLE in court. It is not enough to state innuendo, or "everyone knows this" or otherwise use conjecture to establish a fact. Facts are established by witnesses and documents. Private Investigators are great at becoming key witnesses in a case to prove facts that are otherwise difficult to prove. Attorneys often use private investigators as part [...]