Divorce Mediation – Child Custody Mediation

The very nature of a courtroom tends to amplify the win-lose battle oriented language and emotions, that can cause long-term damage to a family. Mothers and fathers need to remember, family is not dissolved when the marriage ends. Who your children are today, and who they will be as adults, is greatly affected by the rhetoric and atmosphere of your separation. Consider Divorce Mediation for the good of your family Divorce mediation or child custody mediation, can be very helpful [...]

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The Rise of the Single Dad

More than 2.6 million households in America are headed by a single father. CAROLINE KITCHENER, FEB 24 2014, 10:00 AM ET - The Atlantic When his son, Kyle, was four months old, Stefan Malliet woke up to his crying at three o’clock in the morning. Stefan tried to figure out what was wrong—Kyle wasn’t hungry, his diaper wasn’t dirty, but he still wouldn’t settle down and go to sleep. He just kept screaming. With no one else in the house to [...]

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Getting Divorced – Wait To Date

Play It Safe, Wait To Date by Mat Camp, Online Editor, MensDivorce.com Though your divorce may have been a long time coming and you feel ready to start seeing new people (or perhaps you already have someone else lined up), it is generally best to wait until the final decree is signed before beginning a new romance. Although no-fault divorce states don’t have any hard and fast rules that say you can’t date until a certain point in time, the [...]

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TO-DOs After A Separation

What Is The First Thing A Dad Should Do After A Separation? By Julie Garrison Special to DadsDivorce.com After separation, your activities are going to change considerably. If you are the one initiating the separation and subsequent divorce, chances are you have already lined up your finances, change in residence, and child custody priorities. You may not have seen a divorce attorney yet, but you have probably begun setting plans in motion. Secure Your Finances The very first thing that [...]

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Child Custody in Texas

Texas Child Custody Questions Texas child custody attorneys provide answers to frequently asked questions about child custody laws and what determines who gets custody in Texas. What is joint custody? What is sole custody? In Texas, courts divide child custody issues into two different categories: conservatorship and possession and access. Conservatorship is basically the rights and duties of the parents (i.e. to make decisions for the child regarding schooling, medical decisions, and psychiatric decisions, among many other things). Conservatorship can [...]

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Visitation Rights and Responsibilities | Child Custody

VISITATION RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES   Both parents have equal rights and responsibilities toward their child.  When the parents of a child do not live together, exercising those rights and responsibilities can become a problem.  The child cannot live in two places at the same time.  The parent with physical possession has the right to control the activities of the child unless there is a court order between the parents regarding the activities of the child.  A court order  may be [...]

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Locate Your Child / Child Custody

HOW TO LOCATE YOUR CHILD Most Texas court orders involving children require both parents to keep each other and the court informed about their current residence and place of employment.  A court order that outlines visitation will be helpful in trying to locate your child. Obtain a copy of the court order from the district court clerk in the county where a decree was issued or paternity was established. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) provides locate-only services to [...]

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Why Use a Private Investigator in Divorce, Infidelity, Child Custody and Child Support cases.

Winning a divorce or child custody case is largely about discovering and obtaining facts in a form that is compelling to the court and ADMISSIBLE in court. It is not enough to state innuendo, or "everyone knows this" or otherwise use conjecture to establish a fact. Facts are established by witnesses and documents. Private Investigators are great at becoming key witnesses in a case to prove facts that are otherwise difficult to prove. Attorneys often use private investigators as part [...]

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